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Excavation services

Our ability to deliver comprehensive construction services from the ground-up is rooted in our excavation capabilities. No matter the climate, the substrate or the project demands, clients count on our in-house excavating contractors for turnkey services from site preparation and earthwork.

At RC Demolition, we do what we say we will. Our commitment to delivering experiences built on trust and integrity is at the heart of all we do. Contact us today to discuss your excavation needs.

Pool demilitions

Our team has the experience and equipment to efficiently remove your pool while limiting disturbances to surrounding areas. We are fully insured and appropriately licensed in phoenix.

Cutting and removal of concrete

At RC Demolition we pride ourselves on great customer service, which results in mutually beneficial relationships. Our competitive pricing and superior services are based upon a balanced mix between skilled, safety-conscious field operators, various cutting applications and the right tools and know-how to use them.

RC Demolition provides concrete services to a wide range of industries. We are equipped to handle large projects in the industrial sector and capable of delivering on a smaller budget for the less intensive endeavor.

Soil Leveling

Ground leveling services help even out the surface of the ground. Ground leveling services are necessary when installing any new drainage systems. Ground leveling is beneficial for improving the overall quality of the soil and allows for the vegetation to become healthier via the increased ability of water absorption.

Ground leveling services are also a great way to have a better-looking yard, and help increase the property value of your home.

Demolition Contractor

We have the experience and knowledge to fulfill all your needs

The RC Demolition in Phoenix, AZ Remodeling excel at preparing construction sites, safely removing contaminants and unnecessary waste products, and disposing of them properly. We have the experience, equipment, and tools needed to demolish structures quickly and efficiently. No job is too big or too small. Whether you’re in need of commercial demolition services.

Knowledge of regulatory compliance and safety standards
The project progresses more quickly and efficiently
Property protection
Higher safety standards

General Remodeling

We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date and renovation system technologies immersion along the information.

Whether you’re looking to increase the property value of your home ahead of a sale or closing on a house you can’t wait to make your own, chances are there’s a renovation or remodeling project in your future. Which means you’ll have a lot of things to consider, not least among them how to find a contractor, how to mitigate costs, and, no less important, how to translate your ideas into reality. RC Demolition is here to help. We tapped some of our most trusted renovation sources and combed our archives to bring you this compendium of power home remodeling ideas for every room

Floor Removal

The time has come. She has finally realized that she needs a new floor. Whether she's renovating her home or just replacing the tiles in her bathroom, the time has come to replace her flooring. It doesn't matter if your floor is wood, tile or concrete.

Removing the floor for a new one is a great way to give your beloved home a much-needed update while preserving the surroundings of the memories that make your home so special.

Wood floor removal

Have your hardwood floors seen better days? Looking to improve your flooring or just change the style of your home? If so, the first thing to do is remove your current flooring. With that said, it is important to choose a wood floor removal company that understands the differences in installation methods and is knowledgeable about the specific removal process you need.

Tile floor removal

If you are doing home renovations and looking for a new flooring, you will need to remove the old one first. This process can be lengthy and complicated, especially with currently laid ceramic tiles. However, if you get help from an experienced ceramic tile removal company, the process can be simpler and faster than you thought.

RC Demolition has the experience and tools to help you get your old ceramic tile flooring out of your home and prepare to install a new flooring material, such as carpet, wood, or laminate. Thanks to our efficient and environmentally friendly process, we can remove the surface of your floor quickly so your new floor can be ready to install without delay.

Concrete floor removal

Often times, the installation of a flooring cannot begin until the old flooring is removed and the surface is ready to receive the new flooring. This is particularly true for resinous flooring systems that need a clean, textured surface to bond properly. RC Demolition understands all kinds of floor preparation concerns, from demolition, scraping and removal of the floor to the subtle characteristics of what and how the new surface will be applied.


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